NAU-HAU is a young Swabian startup from Ludwigsburg. In our studio, we explore future applications and emerging markets for immersive media. Our motivation is sustainable concepts far removed from the short-term and loud hype bubble. This independent and honest assessment is what our customers trust when it comes to planning their strategy for future markets. We work project oriented with different artists and connect the local creative scene with international partners.

At Nau-Hau, we explore application scenarios and markets for immersive technologies. By building prototypes we can simulating future solutions today and offering our clients honest advice on their VR / AR strategy. We teach renowned universities run hackathons and offer workshops for entire company teams.

Μέγεθος επιχείρησης

full time


Our former university and the regional media promotion helped us to achieve visibility. In 2013, we were honored by the Federal Government as "Culture and Creative Pilots Germany".

Ευκαιρίες και σχέδια για το μέλλον

Until the immersive market is solidified in its base, we want to have our expertise transformed into a recognizable profile. A clear address for a specific market and industry needs.

Πα γίδες και προκλήσεις

It is difficult for us to define a clear profile in such a new market as VR / AR. Exactly defined products are fast becoming a thing of the past. Pure services make you sink in the swamp of the agencies. Completely own projects are financially difficult, because the market is still too small. Passing on our expertise should not be a focus, as we only get them through practical project experience.


Hermann-Hagenmeyer-Straße 1, 71636 Ludwigsburg (Germany)