CoZa Studio

Young Polish architecture studio with staff specializing in interior design, 3D visualizations and industrial design.

Aleksandra Władyka – 26 year old architect with 4 years of professional experience. Aleksandra decided to set up her own studio 6 months ago. She specializes in interior design, architecture and industrial design. She is still at the stage of developing her business.

Μέγεθος επιχείρησης

full time


Financial support from the local Employment Agency, used mostly to co-finance architectural software.

Ευκαιρίες και σχέδια για το μέλλον

For the next 2 years Aleksandra has a plan to develop her company to have financial liquidity and solid position on the local market. She will be independent very soon – she is in the middle of making her architectural license. After the 2 years she thinks she will be looking for employees to grow her business.

Πα γίδες και προκλήσεις

The company is still at the stage that is full of challenges. She has a lot of experience and a relatively big professional network (for such a young age) so the beginnings are not that difficult. Aleksandra has a clear vision for her next professional steps and a lot of hope for the future.