Associação de Cultura Musical de Lousada Conservatório do Vale do Sousa

The Conservatory of Vale do Sousa began by having the designation of Music Academy of the Association of Musical Culture of Lousada and began its provisional operation, from the academic year 1994/95.

In the academic year 2005/2006 was unanimously voted in the General Assembly and approved by the DREN, the change of the designation of Music Academy of the Association of Musical Culture of Lousada to Conservatory of Vale do Sousa.


Musical Initiation Classes - For children attending preschool and 1st cycle of Basic Education

Basic and Secondary Music Courses: -Plus of studies of the Basic Course in Articulated Regime of 2nd and 3rd Cycle

Study Program of the Secondary Course of Music in Articulated Regime

Free Courses - Designed for all those who want to study music, not conferring official certification.

The female Choir is one of the best projects, with its short existence, won public and simultaneously offers an undeniable contribution to the cultural qualification of the region.

In October 2010, it won the national music contest, an event promoted by Inatel.

The activity of Ballet, using the classical ballet technique as the basic method, the RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) method. It consists of three interrelated elements: technique, musicality and performance. The dancers are thus stimulated to gain physical and mental discipline which allows them to express themselves artistically through choreographic movements with a specific meaning

Currently owns a new music project for babies.

Μέγεθος επιχείρησης

full time


In a meeting of the General Assembly of the Municipal Council of Lousada held in June 1984, it is deliberated the donation to the Association of Musical Culture of Lousada, a land to be delimited in Quinta das Pocinhas, for construction of the municipal auditorium and headquarters of said institution . Years later, in 1990 the Municipality of Lousada granted by writing to ACML the right of surface on lot 12 of Quinta das Pocinhas for the mentioned construction and in 1991 the first stone is thrown.

From 1989 on, the new administrative management took over the management of the Association, at a time when the financial situation of the Association presented considerable difficulties. ACML began a new phase that corresponded to a course of growth and development of its aspects. The Music Band has developed its artistic activity in the way of the path long trodden; The Academy of Music, with a focus on articulated teaching of music as well as the implementation of new projects, has considerably increased its number of students, enabling them, through articulated teaching, to have free access to this type of education; The bet on another form of artistic expression, the classical ballet, has increased the offer of activities of a cultural nature in the Municipality.

Ευκαιρίες και σχέδια για το μέλλον

Become an arts school in all fields

Capturing more students

Πα γίδες και προκλήσεις

Difficulties: Not having support to cope with the great demand of music classes


Projects with the elderly

Respond in greater numbers to great demand

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Avenida Cidade de Errenteria - Quinta das Pocinhas - Silvares
4620-674 Lousada