Jangada – Cooperativa de teatro profissional, CRL

Jangada teatro was founded in 1999, with the objective of raising the cultural level of the geographic region where it is inserted, being based in the Municipal Auditorium of Lousada, where it has its work space, artistic and administrative.

In addition to his method, he began in 2002 the formative and performative research of animated forms. The fusion of the actor's work with puppets, masks and live music has been proving to be one of the great assets of the Jangada project.

This project of the company has been standing out in the Portuguese theater scene, having presented itself in the best rooms from north to south of Portugal and abroad, leading in 2005 to have been awarded the medal of municipal merit in the area of culture. Moreover, the strong roaming nature and regular exchange with other national and international artistic structures reinforce its position and affirmation in the global context of the world of the spectacle.

Another of the events is the organization of the Folia - Lousada and Foliazinho Arts Festival (the latter dedicated to the younger audience), which have become more prominent in traditional theater festivals, from the first edition, a multidisciplinary program.

At an international level, it has been present in Spain, France, Lithuania, Brazil, Mexico, China, Greece and the United States of America.

Μέγεθος επιχείρησης

full time


Supported by the Municipality of Lousada – Facilities

CASES - association of cooperatives - material support

More recently, support from the Ministry of Culture.

Ευκαιρίες και σχέδια για το μέλλον

Greater recognition at national level

Πα γίδες και προκλήσεις


financial support


Fill the rooms in all the shows

Present shows in the National Theatre houses

Contact information

Auditório Municipal de Lousada - Silvares
4620 Lousada



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