Marius Marian Botofei I.I.

Advertising, graphic design, photography, publishing. 

Photographic and video services, graphic design. In 2017 we provided these services for around 70 events and photo sessions.

We love photography and film. We are professionally trained to photograph or shoot, have fun with our music. We are constantly improving to provide you with the highest quality of service.

We have been providing services in this field since 2014, we have participated in over 400 events and we are constantly updating in this field. The only means of promotion was the satisfied customers of our services.

We use professional equipment and we constantly invest in new technology. We use slide, tripod, lighting accessories to increase flexibility and creativity.

Μέγεθος επιχείρησης



It was not the case.

Ευκαιρίες και σχέδια για το μέλλον

You can think of the business the way you want it and the development horizon is very wide.

It can develop continuously.

I am planning a very large investment and a widening of the team of 3 professionals who are dedicated to this field.

Πα γίδες και προκλήσεις

If I started this business again, I would invest more in professional equipment and training.

The only impediment is that to cover all the moments of an event you must have at least 2 people in your team.

Unpredictable moments from an event.