Paul Minett Limited

Paul Minett Ltd is a Social Enterprise, In business for 2 years with one Director and a loose group of associates who work on a freelance basis. They are providing advertising, marketing and graphic design consultancy to The Lord John Bird MBE and The Big Issue streetpaper and a few smaller clients within the third sector.

Paul is very ‘hands on ‘ on the business, He learnt most of his ‘skills on the job’ with no financial support. He has a broad network of contacts in this sector. He is currently writing a book on Design Effectivness.

Size of business

full time


Opportunities and plans for the future

The business is working on launching a new digital magazine for people wanting to be more active in helping dismantle poverty, initially in UK. They are also about to launch a new printed journal too.

Pitfalls and challenges

The main challenges are with funding issues and juggling the demands of the job. They would like a graduate to work with them on some research, journalistic writing, proof-reading and be involved in developing new marketing ideas too.