Chris King Photography

Chris King Photography has been in business for around 4 years, and provides documentary and portrait photography, as well as video production to a range of clients, most of which are social enterprises, NGOs or private individuals.

Size of business

full time


Chris runs the business single-handedly, and has learnt everything 'on the job' - having not attended any training course, or been provided with any financial support.

Opportunities and plans for the future

Chris would like a graduate to work with him to carry out some market research, develop and implement a social media marketing strategy - in particular for Instagram and Twitter - and develop a media package to send to publications that might be interested in publishing his work.

Pitfalls and challenges

The main challenges Chris is facing is devoting time and energy to building the business - when he is busy the marketing side of things tends to go dormant - as well as develop a team around him.