Agnieszka Kumuda – Polish designer, illustrator, photographer and an architect.

Agnieszka Kumuda – multidisciplinary graduate of Architecture in Rzeszów University of Technology, graphic designer with almost 10 years of experience (while being only 25 years old). She specializes in graphic design, book illustrations, interior design, marketing, passionate about photography.

Milubo is the company set up in 2016 by Agnieszka after working many years as a freelancer. She offers a huge variety of services concerning creative industry.

Milubo website: http://milubo.pl/

Agnieszka’s personal portfolio: http://agakumuda.pl/

Facebook profile: https://www.facebook.com/pracowniamilubo/

Instagram profile: https://www.instagram.com/_milubo_/

Size of business

full time


At the beginning of her professional life Agnieszka have met a few teachers and professors who believed in her talent and provided her with an opportunity to present her works. After several years she has become an independent entrepreneur and self-taught woman in many fields.

She didn’t have any formal support while setting up her business but she already have had a huge experience, so the transition to having her own business was relatively smooth.

Opportunities and plans for the future

Agnieszka’s biggest love is photography and this is the field she spends the most time with. At the same time she temporarily works for the marketing agency to help her keep her finances afloat.

She is a multidisciplinary person and always looking for new, challenging cooperations. She does many things and truly loves her job so it is impossible to say for sure which direction it will go in the next few years.

Pitfalls and challenges

If Agnieszka were to set up her business again, she would have probably done that a few years earlier. Fear of having a business (and more financial obligations) is overwhelming and young people should be more encouraged to do so.

She would also be more cautious with choosing clients to work for. Few years ago she had several bad experiences with clients owing her money for her services. Some of the problems have been unresolved until now.

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