Angels Pole Dance

Pole dance studio in Nowy Sącz, southern Poland.

Barbara is the owner of the school. She started practicing pole dance 4 years ago. 2 years ago she saw an opportunity – the school (together with the equipment) was for sale for a reasonable price. Barbara started the classes and hired two instructors. 

The school is based in Nowy Sącz – small town in the southern Poland. Currently they have classes each afternoon and evening, from Monday to Friday. The school also offers a venue for parties during the weekends and the possibility to perform a dance presentation on different events.

Size of business

full time


The only support used while setting up a business is a lower price for social insurance – in Poland you can pay half of the regular amount for the first two years of having a business.

Opportunities and plans for the future

The plans for the next years are simple – constantly growing number of clients and general revenue. This process is slow but hasn’t stopped since the beginning.

The plan also includes broadening the scope of services performed by the school. Some of the new actions have already begun to work: gymnastic classes for children or more types of dance to choose from. Barbara is also testing new marketing solutions: engaging in social media and very active participating in national contests

Pitfalls and challenges

One of the first challenges at the beginning of the company was fighting against prejudicial stereotypes about pole dance in Poland. After many years of having pole dance schools in most of the cities people still have difficulties understanding its sport/fitness and artistic values. Nowy Sącz is a relatively small town and Barbara has put a lot of effort engaging into local communities and showing the real character of the classes.

The other challenge was finding people who want to attend the classes. After months of struggle and trying broad marketing strategies the school finally have a group of dedicated clients. However, the annual revenue is still not impressive, but constantly growing.

The recent struggle has been finding the new instructor, while one of the old ones is on the maternity leaves. Most of the girls are self-learners and it is incredibly difficult to find an employee that already has all the skills needed. This problem is still unresolved.