Lewanda takes photos

Anna Lewanda - Polish photographer, video maker, blogger and a traveller

Anna Lewanda is a photographer. She has graduated from Architecture studies in Rzeszów University of Technology; she is also a professional musician. However, her biggest passion is photography. She got her first camera 8 years ago and hasn’t stop making photos ever since. This is what she loves the most and decided to base her professional career on.

Anna prefers taking pictures of people (couples, weddings, children) and big events, but her portfolio is much broader. She is incredibly passionate about travelling.

Ania’s website: https://lewandatakesphotos.blogspot.com

Facebook profile: https://www.facebook.com/LewandaPhotos/

Instagram profile: https://www.instagram.com/lewanda.photographer/

Size of business

full time


No specific support. 

Opportunities and plans for the future

Anna has no particular plans for the future. Currently she is working to save the money for her next trips.

She recently got married to a man who comes from the USA, so the travelling will be even more important than before. It is possible that in a few years she will move there and start her company from the beginning in America.

Pitfalls and challenges

Nothing is regular when it comes to Anna. She used to study in Rzeszów but she lives basically around the world. She is constantly travelling, meeting new people, having clients all around the world.

The first challenge was adapting her marketing strategy to her lifestyle. She decided to move most of her promotional activities online and focus mostly on the people she knows (which is, however, an enormous group) and their networks and recommendations. She stays so passionate and positive about her job that this strategy seems to work.

The other challenge was at the beginning getting paid for her services. She is so likable and has so many friends that some of them hoped for getting pictures as a friend’s favour. This was sometimes the case but usually she had to be persistent in making boundaries and making people realize that this is her way to make a living.

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