Instytut Architektury i Sztuki (The Institute of Art and Architecture)

Drawing school in southern Poland, preparing young people for architecture studies and the Academy of Fine Arts.

The Institute is one of the most respectable drawing schools in the southern Poland.

To be qualified to study Architecture, Academy of Fine Arts or Design studies in Poland a student need to prove that she/he has already some skills and talent. To do that they have to pass the drawing exams that are performed at each university and are highly demanding and competitive.

The institute started in 1995 in Lublin and then was transferred to Rzeszów in 2005. The school boats with their students – 90% of them get qualified for architecture studies, which makes the school one of the most effective in Poland. 

Size of business

full time


The business has started 22 years ago, the system is different nowadays and the support that the founders received is no longer available.

However, besides the minor help from the local government the Institute has also received help (technical support and knowledge) from the technical and art schools in Lublin and later in Rzeszów.

Opportunities and plans for the future

The school will probably remain in the current shape for the next years, only broadening the services for students and making it even better quality.

There have been some ideas about making another unit of the Institute in a bigger city (like Cracow) but in big cities this market is full and very inclusive, so the chances of success are small.

Pitfalls and challenges

During these years the school has gone through a lot of changes and faced multiple challenges. However, the system of being qualified to the universities hasn’t change that much, so the basic rules of the existence of the Institute has remained the same.

The school has never had long-term financial problems. Drawing lessons are a very well-paid business, so the problems have usually concerned the venue, staff or students.

The biggest challenge in the history of the Institute was setting up the second location in Rzeszów in 2005 (after 10 years of the existence of the school). This was more or less the time when Technical University in Rzeszów started their Architecture studies, so there was a high demand for the services of the Institute.

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