Jest Rudo

jestrudo.pl is a Polish blog about photography for beginners. It was started by Natalia SÅ‚awek in 2013.

Natalia has huge experience in learning photography by herself and decided to help others make this path less painful. She provides knowledge about photography, technical details about equipment (explained in a simple way) and her secrets to stay creative and motivated.

She is also an independent photographer.

Size of business

full time


No support at the beginning. Natalia is a self-learner in most of the fields.

Opportunities and plans for the future

The business is already vast in Poland. Natalia doesn’t plan to make it international. On the contrary – she loves the quality and engagement of her readers and these are the issues she wants to focus on.

Pitfalls and challenges

It took almost 2 years to make the blog widely recognizable in Poland. Natalia started slowly, but she has had her photography studio at the same time, which allowed her to make a living and not to make rush decisions.

Besides the big number of visitors Natalia has also managed to build a very dedicated community around her activities. She organizes courses and photographic challenges; she also has a Facebook group with great people focused on learning photography.

Contact information