Mo.Ca - Mobiliário de Cartão

Mo.Ca Mobiliário de Cartão is a project created in 2011 in Porto by Filipa Carretas and Jorge Sa. They produce customized cardboard furniture. It is a brand that intends to position itself as a craft, producing in small quantities and by order, in this way production will be a viable process of human labor. The objective of the brand is to certify the production, want to receive a card from various entities and idealize the process of reusing the materials as a certified exit of the companies' waste, entering the market again in the form of furniture.

Mo.Ca Mobiliário de Cartão assumes as value proposition the reused cardboard furniture, handmade and custom-made. The project is based on "clear principles of adaptability and versatility". They are against the low cost concept, because they consider that someone in the production chain will be harmed, defend the "good, beautiful and fair". Communicate with your customers and your target audience on social networks (facebook), the blog of the project and "face to face" at fairs and presentations. For delivery the products use the couriers or the delivery at hand. The main clients of Mo.Ca Card Furniture are stores, galleries and individuals.

Size of business

full time


They are one of the first projects to obtain collective financing on the platform Massivemov, the first Portuguese crowdfunding platform. The Mo.Ca project asked its fans 1100 euros, but managed to raise a total of 113% of the funding (€ 1444) in 38 days, counted with 28 supporters. "Twenty-eight people supported the project; In return, depending on the amount granted, they received discounts, pins, a bedside table or even a complete puzzle "15. Crowdfunding was important in advancing the project, allowing short-term planning (up to 9 months) and broadening response capacity. Mo.Ca's main resources are labor and recycled paper, all other materials used, inks and glues, are materials that Jorge and Filipa consider 90% recyclable.

Opportunities and plans for the future

In order to keep the project in progress they must produce the orders in an artisan way, in this sense they intend to bet on fewer products in "series" and more on furniture to order.

The key features of the project are labor, cardboard and essential creativity.

Pitfalls and challenges

The costs for the development of the project relate to labor (extra) when larger orders and materials (glues and inks) arise.

Contact information

Rua Júlio Dinis, 103, Loja B
4000 Porto



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