Get Set Festival

The Get Set Festival is an emerging festival that transits to its third edition in October 2012. The first and second editions were entitled "High Tech, Low Cost" (2010) and "Do not Panic, It's Organic "(2011), the third edition, scheduled for October 2012, will be titled" True or false ". The festival is affirmed for its identity as artists and for artists, remaining independent and without tutelage, in a line of structural thinking where they do not make art criticism, but, rather, art promotion. Get Set Festival is a festival of young creators of transversal areas with a technological component in the areas of architecture, design, performing arts, new media, plastic arts and web design, a first experimental and free stage. Born from OPO'Lab, the company, with four partners, has a digital, technological, cultural and event management base and is associated with the cultural fabric intrinsic to the city of Porto.

The "Get Set Festival" assumes as a value proposition the positioning as "the only national festival that is super transversal and that" aggregates all creative areas ". Within these creative areas they intend to assume an international position based on the creatives that fit the festival's schedule, the determination is to make the Get Set Festival a place of experience for the invited artists and the participants. It is an urban festival framed in the city of Porto.

The bet on the quality of the festival and the evaluation made by the participants summarizes the relationship of the "Get Set" with the public. Customer segments targeted are creative artists and young people, ordinary citizens and families, all come to explore content in an innovative way. The Get Set Festival communication takes place on the basis of traditional channels such as the press, online (website, video channels and social networks) but essentially for the quality and novelty of the guests that will generate the word in the "creative medium" This is the largest communication channel. The festival takes place from the technical team of Opo'lab, coupled with some extra features (Volunteers) and a strong network of contacts that materialize in guests, partners and by exploring future opportunities.

Size of business

full time


Capital: First edition 5 thousand euros, second edition 9 thousand euros and sponsorship in genres.

The sponsor of the festival is Gráfica Ancestra, contributing in genre.

The partnerships are one of the essential foundations of the Get Set Festival, the team is involved in the search of the guests, using partnerships, for example with the Festival OFFF and other festivals not defined, all the partners are involved in the communication level of the festival, Is the case of the Order of Architects and the Swedish Embassy. Gráfica Ancestra, the sponsor of Get Set Festival, assumes all printed material of the event.

Opportunities and plans for the future

In order for the "Get Set Festival" to take place the main activities are the choice of the guests, the production of the festival, the research of partners and funders and the communication of the event.

Pitfalls and challenges

The goals for the next Get Set Festival are to achieve zero expense and broaden partners and sponsorships.

Contact information

Rua D. João IV 643
4000 - 303 Porto - Portugal



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