EarBox, S.A.

Earbox SA, headquartered in Braga, was established in November 2011, aiming to position itself as a luxury brand of streetwear. It is born of the will and creativity of two friends. One of the promoters grew up in a family related to the production of clothing and has a degree in Textile Engineering, the second promoter, in a more creative perspective, embraced plastic arts and design as a training. They produce urban clothing that integrates cork-lined columns inside the hood, uses high-quality materials and does not want to position itself as a low-cost brand, associating sound and musical experience with the high comfort of its pieces.

EarBox proposes to innovate in the music clothing market, evolving from traditional pieces of clothing, where new technologies and art merge and invite a perfect harmony with the world around us. The company is supported by a Society of Business Angels. Earbox promoters work autonomously and are guided by the strategic guidelines of Invicta Angels BA. The reinforcement of social capital by business angels resulted in a resumption, a more serious approach to business, and a "new life" for the Earbox project. The secret of the promoters is to seriously believe in the project and improve every day.

Earbox SA, bets on musical experience and comfort as main characteristics. The project wants to position itself as a "luxury brand that even without the musical experience would be bought".

Your target audience is age-specific, from 15 to 24, but they add that the brand is for everyone with a youthful spirit. In order to contact their clients, they participate in activities of urban culture, one of the premises of the communication of the project is the high quality of the products, in a communication initiated for, and by the fans, followers and ambassadors. The online advertising of the brand is a constant experience, which aims to complement with the use of photography and video. The clothes produced by Earbox are sold in the online store or by direct sales, in the various events in which they are present.

Size of business

full time


The revenues of the brand come from two sources: the entry of venture capital and the sale of products.

Opportunities and plans for the future

This activity is based on the knowledge of production processes, the strategic know-how of Invicta Angels and the team's creativity.

Pitfalls and challenges

For maintenance of the Earbox brand it is necessary to produce "comfortable, luxury clothing with built-in columns", betting on the constant research and development of new products.