Companhia Instável

The Companhia Instável was formally formed as an association in 2003 in the city of Porto, with an associative body of three elements. It is a contemporary dance company that works by project. The structure allows, in addition to dance shows, artistic residences and co-productions, the creation of satellite projects in the area of education and training service.

The company's main goal is to direct invitations to renowned choreographers, who in their natural circuit would hardly pass through Portugal, this strategy gives national dancers the opportunity to collaborate with important choreographers without having to leave the country.

They are considered a dance company that works per project. Their customer segments are varied and for each of them they drive specific communication strategies. For the pairs: dancers and choreographers, their activity goes through the research of projects that can result in a spectacle of high quality. The communication strategy for programmers is to send the information of the show via e-mail or through "mono-sheets" with high graphic quality.

For families and schools establish educational service projects (Education for the Arts) that communicate through flyers in specific places (eg libraries). For the general public, there are various formulas: newsletter, sms, database, website, social networks (Facebook and YouTube) and open trials as a kind of public training. The largest channel of communication of the Unstable Company is "in its image".

Size of business

full time


Since the beginning of its activity the Companhia Instável is a structure supported by the Ministry of Culture, currently one of the entities with Quadriennial Support of DGArtes.

Opportunities and plans for the future

The internationalization of the project, based on the various contacts established in recent years, is one of the medium-term objectives of Companhia Instável, a bet that will be facilitated by the universal language of dance.

Pitfalls and challenges

The " Companhia Instável " assumes as a value proposition the "being unstable" summarized by the fragility of the project, which, even though it emphasizes the quality of its work "with choreographers of great importance and name", can see its financing limited or even suppressed.

Contact information

Lugar Instável - Campo para as Artes Performativas Piso 1 do Edificio do teatro do Campo Alegre
Rua das Estrelas
4150-762 Porto



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