WKB WeKnowBetter AD LTD

The company WeKnowBetter is active in the field of Strategic Marketing and Advertising while offering Online and Offline Services. The company provides measurable solutions aimed at producing high efficiency coupled with a broad range of campaign evaluation methods. In cooperation with survey companies, it defines market trends and targets the client’s prospective clientele.

The services provided cover such issue as Project Management, Marketing, Media, Advertising- both offline and online, Market research, Media buying, Radio advertising, concept design & production, Brand development and Corporate Identity, Graphic Design, printing, Website design, Search engine optimization as well as Marketing & Management Seminars.

Size of business

full time


The company was financed through shareholders' equity. No other support was sought out.

Opportunities and plans for the future

This is a field of constant opportunities in the sense that there is always room for good   ideas! If there are 'fresh' ideas then there is a potential for a business based on that to be set up. Apart from that, competition is intense, but prospects in such a small place with diverse activities are also considered great. It is also worth mentioning that the "marriage" of creativity with the tourism industry in Cyprus can provide the motivation for both, a dynamic start for would be entrepreneurs and of dynamic growth for existing ones, weknowbettermarketing, included.

Technology in terms of both services and products is also growing rapidly. With it so do the prospects for a bigger marketing market for existing and aspiring companies.

Our development plans are constantly been reevaluated and tested on set assessments.  This will hopefully allow us to evolve carefully, in 10 years from today, to a more international business able to provide for and employ more staff than today, while helping along the local scene to emerge its great minds and ideas associated.

Pitfalls and challenges

The establishment of a company and any form of business entails a risk that the founder should take into account in order to be able to bear any costs incurred in both the event of failure or slow success. It is certain that patience, perseverance and resolve are required. In any case and at the onset, the prospective entrepreneur should set up a well thought-out business plan to provide guidance and useful answers to critical questions. For example a SWAT Analysis will always be a helpful tool for the development of a new business and its viability. Choosing the correct partners was also difficult yet of paramount importance. Knowing how to form reciprocal partnerships and networks is something that cannot be taught but must be insisted upon through experience. Finally, an inter-house organization that promotes good interpersonal relationships as well as specialization is essential.

Contact information

Κωνστντίνου Παλαιολόγου 1, 1011, Λευκωσία, Κύπρος
(+357) 22 260 500