The Art Hub Visual Arts Laboratories

The Art Hub Visual Arts Laboratories is an Art & Design studio with a main focus on delivering bespoke sessions to art enthusiasts of all ages and interests. The topics covered include preparation for accreditation such as GC’s as well as general interest classes. The aim is to educate and empower the creative possibilities of any individual. The creative business provides educational workshops and activities for a variety of interests/needs in the spectrum of Art & Design.



More specifically, the age and interest groups are:

•             Little Artists : Kids group for children between 5 – 10 years of age – nurturing creativity and imagination, developing fine motor skills.

•             Pre – teens : Youngsters interested in transitioning from childhood art expression to academic drawing and art making practises.

•             Teens : Teenagers developing their skillset in art & design. Support in IGCSE and GCE A’ level Art & Design examinations.

•             Portfolio: older teens and young adults that wish to comprise an Art / Design Portfolio to enter Universities in Europe.

•             Adults/ Hobbyists: People that wish to develop their artistic skill for their own pleasure.

Even though the Art Hub Visual Arts Laboratories categorises students in clear groups, the core philosophy is highlighting individuality and team- based work at the same time.  An interview is arranged for each individual separately and a customised, unique working plan set for them. At the same time, everyone - apart from the Little Artists group – coexists and works in the same working spaces, giving them the chance to interact, exchange ideas, inform each other’s process and participate in different short taught sessions and specific workshops.

Size of business

full time


Technical support was provided through accountants and lawyers. Other than that, through a process of trial and error, the Art Hub Visual Arts Laboratories essentially grew instinctively.

Opportunities and plans for the future

The creative and cultural sector is tough. Anyone that considers initiating an enterprise here should first start with a strong vision and passion about their subject. It is a bumpy road most of the time, yet one finds great rewards along the way too. Creatives are visionaries by nature and enterprising their craft can be both challenging and revealing.  Having learned that, the future looks optimistic, with various educational schemata that could grow far beyond present norms. 

Transforming the business to a vibrant creative hub of exchanging ideas and knowledge and empowering and aspiring creatives is close.

Pitfalls and challenges

Professional assistance to plan out a strategy from the onset is essential. Care must be given to hired payed services, as perhaps most seasoned business sector professionals in Cyprus cannot actually give specific solutions, approaches  and  assistance to creative enterprises.

Furthermore, the cultural and creative industry is idiosyncratic.  This means that it is quite hard to communicate the types of services and products a creative has to offer in the traditional sense as well as the true monetary value of the services and products provided.

Personal difficulties arose in respect to specifying the identity of the enterprise. Though educational in the sense of educating on creativity, there is no legal framework to correctly describe and support this.  Instead it is included in art studios which are quite a few in Cyprus, yet this is incomplete. This makes it practically harder to communicate the curriculum, approach and target market.

The interests and needs of the public nowadays constantly shift and evolve matter-of-factly and this is a challenge for businesses of all types. This requires a lot of effort to keep up. Especially so for the cultural and creative sector businesses which are the ones that must first learn how to intuitively shift their practises, redefining their scopes, frameworks and client base.


Contact information

Κυριάκου Μάτση 16α, Λευκωσία, 1082, Κύπρος
(+357) 99 011181