Atelier 301

Atelier 301 is an art gallery and workshop. It has been in business for about five years now. The founder- that has been in this line of work for a much longer period- deals in turning scrap metal and other material into  sculptures of recycled art.

Starting off as a marble and stone cutter, the founder, due to a lung associated disease and through a VET course in metalwork, transitioned to making sculptures out of metal and scrap material such as bike parts and tools. The Gallery is located in a recently revived part of the old historical part of Nicosia-the Capital, along with many other creative and cultural shops that have recently moved or opened up there. Revenue derives mostly from tourists with studio 31 shipping its artwork globally.

Size of business

full time


None other than personal savings.

Opportunities and plans for the future

The area has been renovated with a lot of work been put in place. The fact that so many artists are to be found here is also a big plus, with the locale then becoming more renowned as an artistic area with little shops of local artists. This in turn is now beginning to attract more traffic and attention. If the municipality sees this, which is quite likely and begins to actively promote the area then a great deal of happening could effectively benefit studio 31 and all others here. Essentially since the infrastructure is laid, all that’s left is the perception changed needed so that more people will recognize and know this area for what it is. A very creative and beautiful artistic hub of enthusiastic, interesting people and businesses. Tourism in the sense of more tourist dilution into the area through partnerships with tourist agencies could also be a great part of the overall revival.

Pitfalls and challenges

Finding the right room that can serve as both a workshop and a gallery was hard. It also had to be in the right area, meaning an area oft visited by tourists, as the local market is perhaps not enough to support such things. This is more so considering the scarce availability of support for such businesses, both technical and financial. Yet like the artistic work of Studio 31, you have to wait and see what and how it develops before making a rush judgement. Planning ahead is good but you must always leave room for the unexpected, bad or good.

 To become profitable, it’s not enough simply to open up shop and wait for customers. Events and happenings must be followed through and so is the setting up of private -while participating in joined, exhibitions. This was a lot of work at first and though the hard part is over, still such activities are a must have and need to be worked through meticulously.

Transportation, seen how the biggest part of revenue derives from tourists living abroad, is expensive but it is getting better as one becomes more familiar with distributors and practices.

Contact information

Οδός Ερμού 301, 1017, Λευκωσία, Κύπρος
(+357) 99 323495