Polina Argyrou Atelier

Polian Argyrou Atelier has been operational for almost two years now. The artist herself, a well-known local fashion designer has been linked with the fashion industry for almost seven years now.


Poliana Argyroy Atelier deals mostly in high-end, haul couture fashion, featuring such handmade elements as laces. This means that each design is unique with a set number of pieces for each collection. Apart from this, the business also offers custom tailored apparel in a broad variety of designs and fabrics.   The business, beyond the custom made apparels, has its own clothing label and makes its product available in a number of retail and high-end fashion stores in Limassol, Cyprus’ second largest city. Fashion shows are a must have and Polina Argyroy atelier is present at a lot of major happenings.

Size of business

full time


A number of mentors, the most important of which was Michalis Aslanis, a very famous Greek designer that enabled the artist to better understand fashion, both in its technical as well as its stylistic elements.  The mentor also helped the artist in their first steps by promoting their work.

Opportunities and plans for the future

      Fashion is really catching on in Cyprus. Though the greatest demand will always be with mass produced clothes, there is now a growing niche for custom tailored solutions. Beyond the functionality of clothes, fashion is more and more been viewed as an art producing artworks and this allows for more people to join in and become successful. More people and more creative people also means a greater supply and competition but this is a healthy thing especially as demand in this sector feeds of supply. As for the business, it is already well placed to take advantage of it all. Though most of its operations take place in Limassol the market is showing positive signs for this to take place throughout Cyprus and maybe even Greece and beyond to Europe and wherever else fashion art is sought.

Pitfalls and challenges

This is a very competitive sector with little room for errors. You have to stand by your work and be very careful of promises and potential partnerships. Learning to navigate through the whole fashion industry, with this including anything from model agencies to photographers and more, was and is key to making this business viable. Therefore, before starting up, one must know about all the industries that comprise this sector, from marketing to advertisement, casting companies, tailors and so on so as to be able to become viable and relevant. The finding of good tailors as a business expands is very difficult, especially if one wants to keep things local.

Contact information

Σπύρου Κυπριανού 147, Λεμεσός, Κύπρος
(+357) 96 206870