Pam’s Craft Shop

We design decorations, all of them being handmade. We design different objects (boxes, plateau, coasters etc.) made of wood, using the decoupage technique. We paint them manually, applying paper models.

Size of business



I started to work alone, I watched many video tutorials on the Internet and also I read many materials. I did not need an important investment, I started this business spending some money I had saved during the years, helped by my parents.

Opportunities and plans for the future

You get to know many people with similar hobbies and interests. I think that my business can develop in the future. I will be in charge with this business many years since now but it will not be my only field of activity. In ten years, I see myself designing boxes as a hobby.

Pitfalls and challenges

If I had had to start this business again, I would have promoted it much more. Apart from this, there is nothing I would change. In my opinion, the lack of marketing is an important pitfall. I did not promote my business widely. But, apart from this, I enjoyed my activity very much.

Contact information

Str. Smârdan no. 2, first floor, Pitești, Argeș