Photography, graphic design

The company was created under the name TOYS EMA AND DAVID SRL-D and operates in the municipality of Pitesti.

NACE activity is: 7420-Photographic activities. Officially, this class includes:

- commercial and consumer photographic products

- portrait photos for identity cards, passports, schools, weddings, etc.

-photographs for commercial purposes, publishing, fashion, real estate agencies or tourism

-aerial photography

- tape recording of events: weddings, conferences, etc.

-processing films

-developing, printing, and zooming on negatives or client films

- film development labs and photo printing fast photo printing

-montage slides

-Copying, restoring or retouching photos

-Activities of photo reporters.


The main factors relevant to the business:

- In Romania the photo market segment is steadily growing.

- the entrepreneur is an economist with university studies in accounting. She has expertise in project management, human resources, training and entrepreneurship, amateur photographer experience, sales experience for over 7 years. He acts as both manager and instructor-trainer in the field. He also has a Marketing Researcher experience and is a passionate amateur photographer.

- The headquarters of the company is in Piteşti but the market is made up of both local and regional clients (from Bucharest).

- In order to determine customers to buy the company's services / products, management will focus primarily on the high quality of the services provided, the convenient price, the courtesy of the order.

Our mission is to capture the emotion and novelty of the moment through unique sequences and portraits offering our customers an unforgettable experience, a document, a moment we share together.

Our vision is to have an important studio that carries out successful national projects.

Size of business

full time


In the beginning, we accesed mentoring, marketing and professional services in order to establish the business.

Opportunities and plans for the future

The general / long-term goal is to develop the company and offer solutions to our customers, characterized by quality and efficiency at European standards.

Our vision is to become an important studio that carries out successful national projects.

Pitfalls and challenges

- To meet your deadlines

- Do not neglect financial management

- Participate in training courses

- Effective co-ordination of all project activities in order to achieve the objectives set at the highest quality standards.

- Identify business opportunities

- Prepare the draft budget and cash flow for the final contracts according to the submitted proposal

- Collaborate with other companies

- Engage people with care

- Look for sources of non-reimbursable funding

- To do promotion and marketing

- Communicate more

Contact information

Str. Emil Racovita 6 C, Pitești, Argeș