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Our mission consists in designing, building quality products incorporating a high degree of innovation, attention to detail and receptivity to the needs of our customers.

The company was created under the name of PRODAV DECOR CENTER SRL, in the city of Pitesti, Arges County. Emil Racovita street.

The market segment to which we address is the interior decoration and decoration market, the architecture and design market, the new residential real estate market (real estate developers). Mainly, the market is made up of consumers who are interested in setting up interior spaces with wallpaper and wall decals.

The overall / long-term objective of the project is to develop and consolidate PRODAV DECOR CENTER by implementing modern technological solutions that will lead to the creation of a technological flow based on innovation and efficiency for the development of competitive and qualitative products that will ensure sustainable development of the firm.

The mission will be accomplished by meeting the immediate and forward-looking needs of our customers by offering them a wide range of products and services of superior quality.

Size of business

full time


In the beginning, we accessed mentoring, marketing and professional services in order to establish the business.

Opportunities and plans for the future

PRODAV DECOR CENTER SRL was based on the idea to offer consumer products made of wallpaper, at a sustainable price for the Romanian market and with high quality and complexity of the high design. In order for this vision to become reality, what will accompany society at the beginning of the road are two principles that society supports:

the creativity of the projects and the quality of the services and products offered. These two principles will make it possible to keep in touch with the latest business news, new trends in wallpaper production, and take part in specialist training and conferences dedicated to this industry.

Pitfalls and challenges

- To provide quality products

- To respect their clients

- Do not neglect financial management

- To engage people with care

- To look for sources of non-refundable funding

- To do promotion and marketing

- To communicate as much as possible

Contact information

Str. Emil Racovita 6 C, Pitești, Argeș