Music, performing arts, dance (dance school).

We offer services in the form of adult dance classes, dance and movement development courses, event organizing, animation and entertainment.

Through our business, we aim to offer people a quality alternative to leisure and an additional social context. We believe that dance is more than movement or creation: it is a form of social and individual therapy and through it we aim to contribute to the sustainable and qualitative growth of society.

Size of business



At the start of the business, we benefited from entrepreneurial counseling, the business being materialized by accessing European funds. As part of the training and selection program, I have received sales, financial, marketing and tax courses.

Opportunities and plans for the future

In this area, you have the opportunity to work with the people who come to you with the set of free time and relaxation, which brings with it a positive and creative energy. Also, the diversity of people, such as typology and occupation, opens up your perspective to new areas of work and personal and professional development.

I believe that my business can grow in the future and we have a plan to diversify our business and access much wider markets.

Over 10 years, I see myself as an entrepreneur with many successful businesses that serve the passions and social and personal needs of people. I believe in sustainable development and both personal and professional quality.

In this sense, we have a development project which we propose to subject to obtaining funding. The objective of the project is to obtain an easy-to-use and convenient product that faithfully plays the rhythm of a song from the outside environment. We aim to facilitate the use of this product on the Romanian market, but especially on the world market.

Pitfalls and challenges

If I were to resume business, I would make the following changes:

- I would make sure that I have a better teamwork procedure that employees and collaborators follow;

- I would keep my own bookkeeping to make sure things are rightly highlighted in company accounts.


The most important challenges are market-related: customers, purchasing power. In the field of dance classes, when purchasing power decreases, the first things people give up are entertainment (movies, sports, dance), and also spend more time on professional activities to earn extra income. It is important for a future entrepreneur in this area to be aware of these risks and to be able to adapt to market fluctuations.

The biggest challenge is managing market fluctuations so that activity keeps steady even if demand fluctuates. For a future entrepreneur, it is important to know that it needs alternative and non-seasonal sources of income.

Contact information

Str. Târgu din vale nr. 14, Pitești, Argeș