Handcrafted ceramics with nordic touch. 

Henriikka Leppänen is ceramics designer and maker from North Karelia, Finland. "Clay inspires me and I get ideas by observing and feeling its qualities. Clay as a material is filled with energy that has travelled through ice ages and gains its final form in the heat of the kiln. My relationship with nature is strong; nature helps me relax and distances me from everyday life whilst it also gives me new ideas and inspirations. I get inspired by the creatures and bugs in the nature, rough surfaces and natural materials. It’s important for me that a product looks and feels good, is practical whilst also being multi-functional. I wish to create something new where modern and traditional can elegantly meet."

Size of business

full time


Opportunities and plans for the future

Habitare -fair in September, branding, sales increasing and marketing internationally.

Pitfalls and challenges

Managing all the marketing and sales stuff. Havin enought strength to survive througt disappointments. Too much things to handle by myself.

Contact information

Matarakatu 12
80130 Joensuu