KollektiWe Oy

â—ˆKollektiwe is a start-up enterprise focusing in audiovisual 3D production.
â—ˆSpecializing in gamification and creatingVirtual Reality / Augmented Realty experiences for both public and private sector

Size of business

full time


None so far

Opportunities and plans for the future

The VR market is rapidly developing and new business opportunities are arising. We are currently focusing in Virtual Reality environments, especially in utilising them in usability testing of buildings before they are even constructed. But with each project comes an opportunity to create solutions to new challenges, which can be adapted and integrated to our developing product base.

Pitfalls and challenges

The biggest challenge is getting the clients to see and understand the possibilities of the Virtual Environment.

We are opening and creating a new market and solutions that have not existed before

Contact information

Rantakatu 9
80100 Joensuu