The orders of our customers are our mission
The self-image of SpielPlan is that of a service provider; we serve and perform. We make every topic visible and vivid. Our job is to get in touch with and relationship with our customers and their issues. We use the theater here as a medium. Theater does not always have to be art, although our work is often perceived as such. Theater can certainly be a "means to an end". If necessary, we want to turn the emergency with our customers.
In the staff theater we do not use a human. We serve the employees and thus the organization or the company. Our intention is to create a strengthening relationship. We do not use any hidden suggestive methods.

SpielPlan offers theater as a service-

efficient, pointed and tailored to the needs of the customers. Not detached and foreign, but close to the customer, to the respective topics, needs and needs. We give all this a freedom. Playing here means communicating messages or "pretending", taking the action and rhetoric layers.

As theater professionals, we provide our know-how to make every topic alive on stage. Each new order is a unique piece of work created especially for our customers and their topics, needs and needs.
A lot is possible here: "classic" pre-tested scenes, interactive forms, whereby the audience actively influences and thus influence the course of the scenes or improvised forms of theater that arise directly on site. Another option is the employee theater. Here, under our guidance, the employees of the company themselves become actors on the stage.

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