Tomasz Ciurka - Polish artist and woodworker living in Cracow, famous internationally for his geometrical pattern animals.

Tomasz Ciurka is the graduate of Civil Engineering, University of Science and Technology in Cracow. At the end of his studies he started to create geometric animals made of wood in his father’s workshop. At the beginning this was a hobby and a way to relax, but Tomasz and his friend became big fans of the results of his work.

After some time Tomasz started selling his work. The beginnings were not easy, but with time he became known in Poland and had many customers all around the world.

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Yrityksen koko

full time


This was a hobby for a very long time, so the beginning was relatively easy.

The biggest support for Tomasz was his father, who is a woodworker himself and provided Tomasz with tools and skills needed.

Mahdollisuudet ja tulevaisuuden suunnitelmat

Tomasz is planning to broaden the scope of his products – for example the furniture with the same geometrical pattern. At the same time he doesn’t want to his company to expand – he thinks of himself as an individualist and doesn’t want to hire new employees. He prefers to make his works exclusive and more expensive to have the clients who pay more and not to have more clients. 

Vaikeudet ja haasteet

The biggest challenge for Tomasz was finding his first clients. After putting his work online it took almost 3 weeks to find the first buyer. The sales were low for the first months, until he attended some fairs and promoted his work.

The real turn of events happened when Tomasz put his works at an international handcraft store: etsy.com and wrote an article on the boredpanda.com. After that a lot of clients from around the world started to order his wooden animals.