Lugar do Desenho

The place of the Design - Júlio Resende Foundation, born in 1993, in Gondomar, is the place of dissemination of the work and the concept of Júlio Resende. It is Mestre Júlio Resende himself who assumes the role of founder of the place of the Drawing, to which are joined other sixteen founders.

In the place of the design, the denominator of the object itself, resides the estate, in the form of drawing, by Júlio Resende, drawing as a structural foundation of the work of art, a means of distinction and identity for the general, seeks the preservation of the drawing , Synonymous with Master Resende and the parallel connection of the two things, the drawing and the Master.

During this time, we find three essential areas: exhibitions of a guest painter, exhibitions of young artists and retrospectives of Júlio Resende's estate.

The Place of the Drawing, as the name indicates promotes the collection of drawings of Master Julio

Resende. His value proposition is based on design as essential for the concept of Júlio Resende's work. The foundation reaches the public from the media, individual visitors (word of mouth) and social networks (online). They organize events parallel to the exhibitions and assume a "non-local" scope. The "Design Place" audience is the "artists", the schools and individual visitors, the latter with a taste for the art and work of Master Julio Resende.

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The sources of revenue for this project are varied: the friends' share of the foundation, the box office with a "symbolic value", the store, the exclusive works of Mestre Júlio Resende for sale and the patronage support of Banco BPI, worth 5000 euros Yearly. The costs of the Design Location relate to human resources and facilities. The main resources of this project are the collection of drawings and three buildings belonging to the foundation (Lugar do Desenho, Oficinas e Casa do Mestre Júlio Resende.) As partners of Lugar do Desenho, public institutions, foundations, city councils and public and private entities which host exhibitions.

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The Foundation's sources of income are the Foundation Foundation's share of the Foundation's sales of Foundation products. Ability to generate other sources of income, coming from the works of Mestre Júlio de Resende. From one building they will pass to three, (donated to the foundation).

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Rua Pintor Júlio Resende, 346 - Valbom
4420-534 Gondomar



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