Filmesdamente, Lda.

Filmesdamente LDA was born in Oporto in 2010, with two managing partners and directors who want to work for emotions. The creation of the company was born from the natural process of moving from freelancer to a more entrepreneurial position, they consider that there was a market margin to explore and some clients assured. The production company Filmesdamente focuses its activity on the production of advertising films, institutional films and audiovisual training. Along with this commercial aspect linked to publicity and institutional, they exploit in large scale an artistic aspect, linked to the cinema, which they consider a passion.

 "Filmesdamente, Lda" assumes as valuable proposal the production of creative audiovisual contents that provide an emotional experience to viewers. Its products determine high quality with low price. They create cinema, publicity and institutionals and explore with great success a training course in the field of cinema (realization, digital cinema, photography direction) and the rental of equipment that is in the growth phase (for companies of the area or individual professionals). Another asset of the company's is related to the distribution and promotion of short films at festivals, the prizes give notoriety to the other areas of activity. They take customers for differentiated products, advertising agencies, branding and business (audiovisual content), distributors and content exhibitors for short films (festivals, TV channels and online platforms) and professionals or ordinary people with an interest in the film industry seeking training.

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full time


The main sources of revenue were the production of advertising / institutional films and training in the area of audiovisuals.

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The short-, medium- and long-term goals include the creation of a film school, the production of a webserie and a feature film.

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Cost structure: building, staff, maintenance


Rua Infanta D. Maria, 53
4050-350 Porto - Portugal



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