Maddison Model Agency and Casting Company

Maddison Model Agency and Casting Company does it all. Build-up of three major departments, the Madison Model Management, Madison Events Organization and Madison Casting it provides a catch–all solution to modeling and all relevant stake-holding fields. Specifically the company operates in such matters as Fashion Show Organization,   Casting Selection, Casting Directing & Auditions, New Product Presentations, Photoshoots and Cataloque Photography, Promotion and product presentation with models, promoters and dancers from Cyprus or abroad and    Events planning including Music and Dancing shows.




The first branch of the company i.e. Madison Model Management, provides for the market a number of talented individuals and groups. This includes such professionals as models, dancers, actors, acrobats and musicians in relation to event creation and planning which may span from fashion shows, to TV ads and more.

The Casting department offers supportive services to casting companies, advertisement agencies and others. The services provided include casting directing, TV selection counseling, fashion show castings, spokesperson discovery, choreography as well as services & product promotions. The company also operates its in-house educational department for prospective and professional models.


The final branch of the company, Madison Events Organization, deals directly and exclusively with events and show planning, including special and private parties, fashion shows, music events, galas and others. It does so as the exclusive event planner. 

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full time


A small loan coupled with own funds. 


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The sector is a bad chain from top to bottom direly in need of change. A model agency union is essential here and this prospect could help along the market. Apart from that, there are some plans put forth for governmental grants in aid of the sector.  Furthermore, signs of regulation, especially within the EU context could help turn thing around. Maddison remains hopeful for both, especially since the market exists and is growing. But to reap the benefit we must see these promised changes happen. 

Vaikeudet ja haasteet

For this industry one must wear many hats. Therefore, though the original purpose was for a modeling agency, the company, to survive, evolved and branched out to include three departments, that of Madison Model Management, Madison Events Organization and Madison Casting.


Furthermore, the market was and is largely unregulated. There are many dubious model agencies that don’t keep to the true part of a model agency or a casting company and instead seek out to only secure any sort of income for themselves. That is, they don’t treat the models and other artists as their clients but instead as their stuff, most of whom are underpaid or even not at all. This is of course not what a model agency is about.  Most are not even registered companies in order perhaps to avoid regulatory scrutiny. Therefore it is hard to compete with companies that through such means are able to keep their costs down.  This means that entry to such a market then is very risky.


Furthermore, the economic crisis has not only affected bank related cash flow, drying up short term coffers but also big media and similar businesses that are  key buyers which may leave their debts outstanding for long periods of time. The market is still recovering and the inherent nature of high operational costs-emanating from an unregulated market, means that one has to branch out into complimentary fields. It also means that the hunkering down and withering the storm is still ongoing.


Another large issue is Copyright infringement and one needs to be well versed in their rights and responsibilities in order to protect their business, apart from having adequate legal counseling.


Finally, State aid is unavailable for this sector. Not only in terms of grands but also of the large need for regulation and surveying of this sector which would allow for a sounder ecosystem and the businesses’ within it to flourish.


Had the company had to it all over again it would perhaps operate firstly as an event-planer and secondly as a modeling agency. Connections and networking which are key here could work better in that cross-over.


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