The Chair Business Education, Human Resource Education and Evaluation research is partner in this ERASMUS+ project. The topic of a entrepreneurship and its evaluation fits exactly in our profile. Work on VET is one of our main research topics and our chair is settled at the department 5: Business and Human Resource Education of the University of Paderborn. The Department for Business and Human Resource Education is one out of six Departments of the Faculty of Business Administration, Economics and Business Computing at the University of Paderborn. It educates students in the first phase (university phase) of teacher education for the field of adult education, vocational education and training (more precisely: field business and economics) in Germany. We are involved in VET, vocational teacher education and adult education. In our work we connect our teaching activities with teacher students and multipliers in education to research and project activities to sustain our actions and pursuits. Our department is responsible for business education at the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics. Our research fields are vocational education as well as teacher training. Our main research topics are (a) evaluation research, (b) entrepreneurship, (b) pedagogical, curricular designs and learning analytics, (c) innovative learning as well as (e) pedagogical fostering of learners. We already organized and provided evaluation and pedagogical seminars and created several courses in the fields of entrepreneurship, e-learning and media competences. We design evaluation approaches and models as well as formative and summative evaluation concepts. We also provided a scientific book on evaluation and see scientific and evaluation research as one of our most important competences.

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