We are committed to giving people access to the latest production technologies directly and thus giving shape to their own life plans, because space and furniture design should adapt to us, not the other way round.

Man needs freedom to develop. And that's exactly what we want to make possible. Because an individually adapted environment not only saves ever-dwindling living space but also provides each person with more living space and thus more quality of life. With form.bar, people can design their own furniture for the first time and adapt it to the individual ergonomics. The mathematical shape optimization and the consideration of the production specifications already during the configuration allow the automated production by means of CNC milling at the carpenter in the vicinity and thus unique pieces in master quality at affordable prices.

form.bar is developed by Okinlab, a start-up from Saarbrücken. Okinlab was founded out of college by Nikolas Feth and Alessandro Quaranta. The starting point and desire of the founders was to make people's living and working environment more ergonomic, sustainable, more material-efficient and harmonious. Numerous studies and projects with state-of-the-art manufacturing and design technologies form the basis of the company.
We work at the interface between architecture, design, computer science and research. The use of state-of-the-art digital production methods plays a key role here. The interdisciplinary composition of our team enables an efficient approach from design to implementation. Our goal is to harmonize functionality, ergonomics and aesthetics.

The symbiosis of technical know-how and bionics make it possible to systematically record and simplify wishes and needs as well as the most complex requirements, and to fulfill them sustainably in the realization. Based on our experience from research and practice in the areas of living, furniture, interior, exterior, exhibition and product we guarantee quality and highest efficiency from design to production.

The company offers internships in marketing, design, international management and translation.

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Ursulinenstraße 35, 66111 Saarbrücken