Tasos Anastasiades Creative Designer

Spanning from arts and design to acting and publishing, as the motto goes, do it all and do it well, Tasos Anastasiades is an all-around creative business.

For 17 years now, the business concern has been steadily expanding into more and more fields.  Working with a number of partnerships in directing, publishing, casting, digitization and more, Tasos Anastasiades, delivers everything from logo design, flyers, book illustration, acting services, webinars and so on. A number of tools and methods are used, from traditional design, to z brush and 3d graphics.   The artist himself also features a series of comic books in connection with Tpub comics, a well-known publishing house based in the UK while teaching a number of design related topics at European University Cyprus in Nicosia.  The business is also involved in a number of projects that feature a social element. 

Size of business

full time



Opportunities and plans for the future

        Feature plans here include looking outwards to the international scene. This in a number of ways including the graphic and illustrative aspect, as well as the comic book element. Though up to now, the comic book series where short, Tasos Anastasiades hopes and sees the opportunity for a more steady series. With business booming, economic independence is on the works and this will allow more time into self-creative activities. After all the artist was among the first if not the first to make a complete comic book in Cyprus and would like to see other first happening.

Pitfalls and challenges

Payment is a great issue with a lot of people trying to pay less or with delays. This is understandable but it also more intense in freelance work. You need to be careful and not shy away from requesting the appropriate due. Self-confidence is key, both for this but also in getting your work out there and promoting your services. You also need to have the appropriate character that allows you to absorb and use critique well whether it’s negative or positive and this can be built up through experience. Adjustability is also an important aspect of it all as you need to be able to adjust your work to the demands and prospects of the client.  You also need to be in or built around you the appropriate environment that allows your work, artistic and more to thrive and be autonomous.