The interactive games exhibition is a paradise full of toys. The ideal museum for children, where adults can play along as they wish. The colorful world collects the best toys. Prototypes are there as well as well-known classics.The colorful world is a play paradise. Unlike in the toy business can be played with all toys immediately and without time limit. It is more exciting than a toy museum, because trying out is here explicitly desired. Even for all adults, who rediscover the child in itself, there is enough space for the common game.

Whether building blocks, racetracks, children's kitchen, robots, dollhouse or board games, there is something for everyone. We independently work with manufacturers and inventors from around the world to design the stations. We pay attention to pedagogically valuable toys that are fun and at the same time open up development opportunities.
In the toy gallery you will find a part of our offers. The overview of our game stations is constantly being expanded and updated.

The children are the focus. We want to give them the chance to immerse themselves in the game. Free play is our method to initiate learning processes. Every child can make mistakes and master challenges in a playful way. To do this we will equip an area with modern toys and board games.

We do without a few things to make your visit a little bit better: the colorful world is free of the need to buy something and distracting music. With us there is no Coke or sweets at the cash register. You can bring your own food and drink.
Enjoyment of the game is neither age nor gender dependent. We therefore offer learning and play opportunities for all. Our play stations in the toddler area are usable from 1 1/2 years.
Children always need a supervisor as an accompaniment, as there are small parts that can be swallowed in the exhibition. You can also have your child supervised by us for a short time.

The company also offers the possibility of an internship.

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