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The Tria fanaria traditional bakery and pastry shop is the oldest of its kind in Nicosia, Cyprus’s major and capital city. For more than half a century, it makes and serves a rich selection of sweet and savory delicacies, as well as beverages, most of them taken from traditional Cypriot cuisine.  


The coffee shop is known to most locals. Situated in one of the principal historic areas of Cyprus, at the center of the old town of Nicosia, it is frequented by Cypriots and tourists alike. Keeping in tune with its cultural element, it has been passed on from parent to child and is now well on its way for a third generation inheritance. The original founders, a married Cypriot couple emigrating to Nicosia, set up the shop in 1952, which was already a folk coffee-shop at the time, having amassed a small capital through their labor as a baker and pastry maker. The recipes themselves are a closely guarded secret, passed down along the succession of owners. Been at the historical center of the capital, tria fanaria has played its part in the enveloping situations surmounting Cyprus, such as the independence from England, aiding and abetting in the revolution-indeed the coffee house was at times a storage as well as a refuge for rebels- and many other movements. 

Size of business



None other than private savings.

Opportunities and plans for the future

The business is at its prime and so is the movement towards revitalizing the old city center of Nicosia. This means that a large number of businesses have recently moved and are moving here.  A second shop is not out of the question, as one of the owner’s children already does something similar. The idea however is for the shop to remain an emblem of the historical center, which is why a second shop or even a third link to the chain will probably go  under a different label. There is and can be only one “tria fanaria” and maintaining this heritage also means maintaining this intact.

Pitfalls and challenges

The setting up of the initial business back in 1952 was hard. There weren’t many people lending money, not a lot of institutions you could get finance or other support from. However tria fanaria became successful, mainly due to its recipes that took elements from all the multicultural parts of Cyprus. The challenged now doesn’t so much relate to fiscal concerns, as many people visit the shop and sales are healthy, but in instead maintaining the traditional character of the shop intact. The family recipes seem to defy time yet finding the right and trustworthy skillful personnel is a very hard endeavor.


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