S.C. Tiparg S.A.

Advertising, publishing specific educational and cultural books in order to intensively promote culture.

Tiparg publishing supports the phenomenon of culture by printing specific books: monographs, authentic folklore, etc.

Size of business

full time


In order to establish this business, it was necessary an important financial and technical support.

Opportunities and plans for the future

Opportunities and plans for the future exist. The human resource concerned with this field belongs to a class characterized by higher education, openness to the new, and unfortunately with little available time. People learn and develop their skills by reading on-line documents, specialty books, attending meetings, etc.

Pitfalls and challenges

There are many obstacles: the non-specialized, uninterested human resource, the political and economic context.

Challenges: People interested in preserving and promoting culture, but also in developing the creativity of children, adults (less often).

Contato para informações

Geamana, com. Bradu, DN 65B, jud. Arges