Scavenger Hunt Germany

Our core team consists of just two people with different backgrounds. Master degrees in media sciences and economics allow us to see things from a variety of perspectives. Moreover we work together with a lot of freelance programmers and designers.

We did Hunts in Bremen, Wiesbaden, Bochum, Kassel, Marburg, Gießen, Paderborn and more cities. We have been working together with a big health insurance company for over a year and we regularly do private events for bachelor parties, birthdays and more.

At Scavenger Hunt Deutschland, we organize Scavenger Hunts for a wide variety of customers. Our Hunts are a new spin on the well-known and loved concept of “Schnitzeljagd”, that is played with a smartphone app. We wanted to bring this childhood favorite into the 21st century. It doesn’t matter if we send a whole town to discover their home or if we send the employees, the staff or a certain department on a teambuilding hunt: Our customers love the diverse, creative and fun tasks that we individually create for every event. Riddles, teambuilding, arts and crafts, dress ups, and many more: Everyone will find something they love to do.

Gamification is the key element that we use to achieve our particular goal: Showing people how beautiful their hometown really is, making employees work together and get to know each other or just plain fun during our stag party Scavenger Hunts.

We have over two years of experience and have been working for a lot of German cities, science festivals, companies, banks, etc. Our participants love what we are doing. Over 8.000 enthusiastic “Hunters” can’t be wrong: Scavenger Hunts are fun as hell!

The company also offers internships when the workload allows it and when it is available.

Dimensiunea afacerii

full time


Since our startup won’t be the next big hit, it is kind of hard to find (financial) support in Germany. Either the support-programs are just for the tech sector or no one knows that they exist. We went to a couple of consulting meetings at the Wirtschaftsförderung (office for economic development)Paderborn. Other than that we rely heavily on friends and family who are or were self-employed to learn from their experiences.

Oportunitati si planuri de viitor

Since Scavenger Hunts are a really flexible tool that can be used for nearly every purpose imaginable, we still have a lot of ideas that we want to pursue. We are looking to promote products for big brands; we want to do Scavenger Hunts that are combined with travel (for example on cruise ships); we are looking at the (German speaking) European market for our city-wide events and of course we want to do more teambuilding-Hunts to help companies discover their employees full potential. We are convinced that we will bring joy and Scavenger Hunts to a lot more people in the coming years.


The biggest hurdle for German entrepreneurs is the German bureaucracy. When we started our company we were rather naïve, which isn’t necessarily bad in itself. If we would start another business we would start with a lot more knowledge that we had to work hard for to acquire.

 In the beginning it is very important that bureaucracy hurdles do not hinder you from starting your business. It is very frustrating to stumble over many obstacles due to the lack of information. Therefor it is very important to help young companies in this stage with the bureaucracy. Additionally it is very helpful to meet with other entrepreneurs and talk about different experiences.

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Hermannstraße 20, 33102 Paderborn