Room in a Box

Your next move is just around the corner. Does everything fit in the car? Who’s going to help you carry the heavy furniture? Movers are expensive and your friends already helped you with your last move not too long ago. These are problems of the past thanks to a new innovation called ROOM IN A BOX.

We had a vision to furnish an entire room with a single box. We’ve made this a reality and it’s ready to be shipped to your door. We’ve been innovating since April 2013 and with this technology we’ve been creating furniture like beds, tables, and shelves which can be easily collapsed and are lightweight enough to carry under your arm.

We use one simple material: paper. In the form of corrugated or honeycomb cardboard, the paper becomes a strong carrier and is the basis for all of our future developments. Our cardboard is 100% recyclable and contains at least 70% recycled fibers.

Dimensiunea afacerii

full time


We received the most important support in the form of funding through the Beuth scholarship from early 2013 to mid-2014. The funds provided by the EU Social Fund made the start of the company possible. In addition, we have received important support from Berlin Partner, the IBB and the Business Development Lichtenberg.

Oportunitati si planuri de viitor

The main opportunity for society is the many small autonomous groups that take responsibility, enrich and strengthen society. Responsibility and endurance is, in our view, a cornerstone of democratic structures. Of course, we hope that we can convince many people of the idea behind RIAB and thereby continue to grow. In 10 years we see RIAB as a Europe-wide operating company.


The biggest challenge is building a powerful team that works well together. Ultimately, the team is the biggest driver of success. A good team solves highly complicated tasks, develops products and acquires funding. Once such a team has come together, the next challenge is to hold it together and to motivate and find compromises in the difficult start-up period.

Contact information

Coppistr. 17, 10365 Berlin