STADTHOLZ stands for innovation, ingenuity, quality and sustainability. The company works with natural materials and re-combines them in an unknown way. Product categories include: wooden eyeglasses, wooden sunglasses, cellulose acetate and wood sunglasses, wooden watches, wooden clocks made of wood, wooden loungers.

The object of the company is to make something special and wooden at the same time to produce practical. The company name stands for one hand
progress or hectic (city) and on the other hand for the rooting in nature (wood). The company philosophy says: "TOWNWOOD stands for innovation, personality and good style that embody we in everything we do. Meanwhile, we no longer design only
wooden glasses, but also high quality wooden watches. The environment is at our heart because it gives us the raw material for our products. That's why we pay attention to fair production and good raw materials for our products. And as creative as nature is in her work, STADTHOLZ- is an innovative brand for authentic design with a lot of personality.

STADTHOLZ also offers internships (partly paid) in various areas.


Dimensiunea afacerii

full time


The start was exclusively through private self-financing. After winning the Federal Government's "Creative Pilot" award, the founder received 2 mentors for 1 year as support and workshops.

Oportunitati si planuri de viitor

Nowadays, you can do almost everything, especially in the creative sector. In addition, this area is being given a bit more attention, even from politics, and there are programs and opportunities to make good contacts and grow rapidly. We are constantly expanding our business with new products, new product groups, new models in existing product groups or premises, machines, personnel. We want to become the market leader in sustainable accessories, as this area is not yet occupied.


A secure basis and constant growth are the cornerstones of our company. However, I would be looking directly for a larger cash injection, if I want to bring innovative ideas in the market, on the one hand to occupy the market, to fill the self-developed product with their own name and make known and produce a sufficient number of pieces, to satisfy the generated demand.

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