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Isengard fantasy shop is one of the most pristine shops of its kind. It is an alternative hobby store, dealing in figurines and gaming related jewelry as well as board and card games. 


Isengard fantasy shop is a small retail company trading in all manner of tabletop war games, board games as well as tradable and non-tradable card games and modelling. It also features a plethora of events, happening and tournaments both ad-hoc and on a regular basis bringing the gaming community of Cyprus together. Expos and festivals such as Cyprus comic-con are incomplete without isengard as the shop, being perhaps the major player in the capital, offers demo play on most of its major and exclusive titles via employees and volunteers. The abundance of the latter shows how well the business has been embraced by the gaming community of Nicosia. To this end, Isengard services the whole capital while offering shipping service to the whole of Cyprus. 

Dimensiunea afacerii

full time


Through a Booming economy in 2008, there was easy access to financial facilities from banks. There were also excellent contacts to be made with certain vital service providers such as accounting/auditing services, legal services etc.. A past experience in retail, extensive product knowledge, willingness to serve its niche in the market due to shared interest and more aided in establishment.

Oportunitati si planuri de viitor

      There are very few opportunities in the classical sense as this is a niche sector in a tiny market. While there is definitely room for expansion and diversification, a great proportion of it will involve the internet and digital media in some form or another. The whole structure will expand to embrace these, having been constructed around such pillars as brand building and matching new or existing products with new customers both inside and outside the confines of the island. This been said, board and card games have become a way of life with the latter not showing any real signs of degradation within the digital era. In fact digital media and play seem to be complementary to these, leaving a niche, as tv did to radio.  The community is expanding while maintaining its tightly knit element and this we expect to bring opportunities.


Board and card games in general are a new trend in Cyprus.  This was especially so when Isengard first opened up shop.  As such there were a number of lessons learned such as fully utilizing social media and e-commerce far sooner, been more flexible with product lines and having better hiring practices. With a rather high failure rate for this field, an exit strategy is essential.  The biggest challenge here, relates to being patient and keeping a steady course, as the margin of error in this business is very small. A good name and an emphasis on customer retention are key especially since there is a definite symbiotic relationship built between businesses of this type and the communities that form around them.

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