Ioanna Vasileiou

A short but full of experiences journey started for me when I first applied to participate in the weekly internship provided by the EUC PEAK PITCHING COMPETITION program.

During the first two days I was in LASER BEAUTY CLINICS. That's where I met Georgia Neophytou, the clinic manager and her joyous staff. They welcomed me with enthusiasm and immediately started my tour in the premises of the business combined with the presentation of the operation of the business. I was really lucky to find myself at that time at LASER BEAUTY CLINICS as they had just begun shooting a Cypriot TV show about it. I had the opportunity to work on social media and marketing, as well as to get in touch with the public relations department.


It was also a special honor to work at MASQUARE LTD. Aggelos Kleanthous is a young talented entrepreneur in the business world, next to whom I learned a lot in terms of commerce and digital marketing. I was very impressed by the fact that the company's people are really tied together and dominated by a family atmosphere.


The internship week has unfortunately reached its end, but it was enough to get a taste of how to work with successful business people who love what they do. I would like to have the honor of continuing to work with such talented and pleasant people. Finally, I would like to thank the EUC which gave me the opportunity to gain an important experience for my professional career.

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